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Most Beautiful Pigeons in the World

Hey, friends, are you love pigeon and doves, today we are going to see the 10 most beautiful pigeons in the world with videos. so if you interested in pigeons keep scrolling. the article to the end and don’t forget to share. these doves and pigeons of a feather would make the most beautiful flock ever for this list we are embarking on a global pigeon watching venture and while beauty is not just skin or feather deep that is what we are looking for sure there are so many pigeons and doves that have incredible attributes like speed or dexterity we’ve chosen the fairest pigeon based on the colour contrast and display of they’re pretty plumage so what’s your picks of the most beautiful pigeons

Top 10 Most Beautiful Pigeons in the World

#10 Nicobar pigeon

Ranging all across India to Indonesia the Nicobar pigeon is one of the most beautiful pigeons in the world. these birds are also found in Malaysia Philippines and Palau. it is a very colourful plumage with beautiful feathers on its elongated neck this beautiful little bird. is threatened because of habitat destruction but can thrive in less populated areas. this beautiful little bird is also a threatened bird species because of legal poaching.

#9 Common Bronzewing

Found in Australia the common bronze wing is one of the most beautiful pigeons in the world. there is nothing common about the appearance of this bird. it has a stunning plumage with rainbow light colourful wings. the males and females of the species are very similar in their appearance. but the females are distinguished because of the little dull colour of their plumage. these birds are very adaptable and are found in diverse habitats in Australia however they avoid the deserts and dense forests.

#8 Pied Imperial Pigeon

Endemic to Indonesia Malaysia In the Philippines the pine Imperial pigeon grabs the 8th spot on the list of the most beautiful pigeons in the world. this gorgeous little bird has plain black and white plumage with a very gentle visage, its body is primarily white but the feathers are black. the beauty of the contrast between the two colours is not noticeable on the first look. but can be seen at its peak during the flight it has dark beautiful eyes. that make its white body and head look even larger and amplify its beauty to a whole new level.

#7 Spinifex Pigeon

Another Australian beauty is the spinifex pigeon of the family Columbidae. this beautiful little bird is very unique in its choice of habitat than all the other pigeon species. avoid dry areas like deserts and rocks but the spinifex pigeon prefers dry and rocky habitats. they have a Russ coloured plumage with well blended black markings all over. this unique combination acts as an effective camouflage to hide its presence on the head. is very boldly marked with these black stripes and has a thin tall crest on it. as well this bird has some demand and pet market as well but despite that its population is pretty stable. Spinifex Pigeon grabs the 7th spot on the list of the most beautiful pigeons in the world.

#6 Crested Pigeon

One of the most diverse coloured birds in the world. the beautiful crested pigeon has some black marking on its grey shoulders. its plumage is primarily great with tinges of brown the secondary feathers in the tail are dark in colour multiple coloured. plumages act as a very ideal camouflage for a range of habitats. its crest is very tall as compared to its size. they are mainly found in the grasslands and agricultural regions of Australia. Crested Pigeon grabs the 6th spot on the list of the most beautiful pigeons in the world.

#5 Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Ranging from the southern parts of Indonesia to Papua New Guinea the Victoria Crown pigeon is one of the most beautiful pigeons species in the world. it has a jewel-toned plumage with very distinct burgundy coloured breasts. its other amazing features the most unique of them. is its wide crest having multiple feathers on top in each having a white tip it’s red-eye along with the black mask give the bird its elegant look named after British Queen Victoria the bird certainly has some royal significance.

#4 Orange-breasted Green Pigeon

Endemic to the tropical forests of Pakistan India to South Indonesia. the orange-breasted green pigeon is one of the most beautiful pigeons species on the planet. it likes to live in places with abundant fruit supplies the plumage has very soft colors including yellow-green grey pink in orange these colors blend very beautifully and provide. the orange-breasted green pigeon with its gorgeous look despite the beauty of this unique bird. the population count has declined to a very low number due to continuous habitat loss.

#3 Speckled Pigeon

Also known as the African rock dove. the speckled pigeon grabs the third spot on the list it is one of the most beautiful pigeons species in the world. and is found in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa it’s endemic to the rocky and scrubby areas of the region and is very widespread. in both the urban and suburban regions it has a rust-coloured plumage with white markings all over it. it has elongated neck feathers with a distinctive texture. that makes its appearance unique it has a wide red patch around its yellow eye which makes a bold expression of its appearance.

#2 Rock Pigeon

One of the most commonly found pigeons species in the world. is also one of the most beautiful pigeons ones the rock pigeon is found worldwide. and is among the most abundant bird species in the world. it has a blue-grey plumage with an iridescent neck and dark wing bars that are the reason for its very unique appearance. their usual coloration change to their areas these colorations include white brown red and a lot of others they are native to the rocky cliffs of Europe – all over the Middle East and are considered to be invasive in many areas.

#1 Bleeding-Heart Pigeon

Found in the forests of southern Philippines the most beautiful pigeons on the list. is the madonna bleeding-heart this beautiful little bird has a very attractive jewel-toned plumage. which is very different from the other species of its like the name comes from the blood-coloured breast path on the skin that is very distinct and clearly defined its neck glitters like a green emerald in the bright sunlight and makes. it even more gorgeous but despite its unmatchable beauty.

This bird has now become vulnerable because of continuous habitat loss due to illegal poaching help us save these birds by sharing our article for awareness.

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