8 Most Beautiful Macaws in the world


Macaws is a group of parrots with a long tail and often coloured. They are very popular in bird farming or as a companion parrot, although there are concerns about conservation through several wild species. we are going to see 8 most beautiful macaws breeds in the world

Most Beautiful Macaws in the world

World’s most beautiful and colourful parrots are macaws mostly found in South America. World’s 8 most beautiful macaws are Blue and Gold Macaw, Hyacinth Macaws, Military macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Hybrid Macaws, Great Green Macaws, Red-fronted Macaws, Blue-headed Macaw may other types of Macaw birds breeds available in our planet

No.8 Blue and Gold Macaw

blue and macaw is a famous South American parrot belonging to the macaw family. as its name implies the upper parts of their body are blue and the lower ones are shades of gold and orange. can grow from 76 centimetres to 86 centimetres in length and can weigh up to 1.5 kilograms. with a life of almost 30 years, this is a lovely and most common pet bird in the world.

No.7 Hyacinth Macaws

The world’s largest parrot is the hyacinth macaw. also called blue macaw. the giant is native to central and eastern South America and is found mainly in Brazil and Paraguay. is cobalt-coloured skin with yellow rings around the eyes and beak. it can be up to 100 centimetres long and can weigh up to 3.5 kilograms. in addition to a 50-year life span, these birds have now officially threatened species.

No.6 Military macaws

one of the best members of the family the military macaw gets its name because of its green feathers and resembling a military uniform. this medium-sized bird is found in the forests of New Mexico and South America. even though wildlife is considered endangered, it is still abundant in the animal trade industry. it is about 76 inches long with about one kilogram in size. is a lifespan of nearly 50 years and is friendly and calm natured species


No.5 Scarlet Macaws

Scarlet macaws are one of the most beautiful macaws in the world. they are found in the forests of central and southern America. in red especially with the yellow band around them. it measures up to 76 to 99 cm in length and can weigh up to 1 kg. due to the destruction of the land found by traders, the bird is in danger of extinction now.

No.4 Hybrid Macaws.

hybrid macaws are the most common species of their kind. as the name suggests it is a combination of two different types of macaws. that is why it is almost impossible to tell about their physical description and behaviour. they have extreme personality traits but the way they behave may depend on one of their parents. so to understand better but a bird needs to learn the signs of the parents.

No.3 Great Green Macaws

beautiful great green macaw found in the tropical forests of Ecuador in Colombia. the big green macaw is the third most beautiful macaws in the world. it has green feathers and a red forehead. it can be between 85 and 90 centimetres and can weigh up to 1.3 kilograms. has a short life span of 29 years compared to other macaws but is still one of the most popular macaw families in the world.

 No.2 Red-fronted Macaws


read fronted macaw only found in the Bolivian desert mountains. this tiny species of macaw is the second most beautiful macaws in the world. there is a red patch on the forehead as well as eyes and beak. all of these items and blue feathers give a beautiful twist to their beauty. is about the length of 60 centimetres and is officially declared endangered.

No.1 Blue-headed Macaw

 The most beautiful macaws in the world are the blue-handed macaw. also known as Cullen’s macaw. is found in the forests of Peru Bolivia and Brazil. it has green feathers on its head and feathers with a blue shade. considered one of the smallest macaw species. it is found to be 41 centimetres long and. .3 kilograms in weight. has a lifespan of 40 years and the IUCN is said to be at risk due to its recent decline in its population

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