Society Finches Male & Female Differences

Society Finches Also known as Bengali finches, the society finch gets its name because of its friendly nature when dealing with other birds. both male and female Society (Bengali) Finches look almost identical. There is no real difference in size or colour. To determine the gender of your Society (Bengali) Finches, you should look at their behaviour. The main difference between the Male & Female Finches is that. the male can sing and dance, female Society (Bengali) Finches cannot sing or dance but are only able to chirp sound

Society (Bengali) Finches Behavior 

Male finches sing while the female birds make small croaking sounds. Since males sing a lot, it should not take long to find out the sex of a particular bird. While singing is a common activity, Male also do a dance for female. They swing back and forth on a perch while stroking their neck feathers and stretching their necks. The female can make a sound of warning if she is indifferent to her love.

Society Finches is one of the most fascinating and interesting little Mannikins! It is believed that they were built in Asia more than three hundred years ago by Chinese and Japanese breeders. They are thought to be the home form of the white-supported Munia (Lonchura striata) although their ancestor is uncertain

Society Finches is one of the most reliable breeders! They can be born as pairs individually housed separately or as groups. When filling in groups, you should make sure you have more than three pairs to prevent order. Another setback to bird breeding is more than anticipation. Usually, they will all crow in one nest to lay and hatch their eggs. They enter one by one and make it difficult for any hen to incubate the eggs. They are such dedicated breeders, they will incubate and raise the young of many other birds.

The Parallels Between Male and Female Society Finches?

• Male and Female Society Finches are the same colour and are the same size.

• Both make crying sounds.

• Male and Female Society Finches feed simple seeds and small fruits.

• They live for 5 to 10 years.

• Participate in egg-laying and feeding of chicks.

Society Finches Male and Female Summery

Both male and female birds are domesticated birds. They have the same size and colours. Therefore, it is difficult to detect them without genetic testing. But during their mating season, the birds of the male Finches sing and dance to attract the best female finch. Therefore, the main difference between male and female birds is that male birds can sing and dance while females do not have those skills.

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