Most Expensive Birds

Top 10 Most Expensive Birds in the World

From some of the rarest birds on earth to a lucrative bird collection worth Millions here are the Top 10 Most Expensive Birds in the World. After dogs, cats and fish birds are one of the most popular house pets in the world and for good reason with their astonishing colours and Feathers, these spline Beauties give contrast or plain blue sky, teaching us to appreciate freedom and nature. but as with anything rare and exotic, some of these colourful Flyers does Sky High the price. so if you’re thinking of buying or wondering just how high we’re talking you want to stick around because today we’re counting down the 10 most expensive birds in the world. do you didn’t expect the chicken to outrank an exotic parrot or a multicoloured toucan then stay tuned for number one because the price tag on these seemingly ordinary Birds will Boggle your mind for the rest of the day alright let’s get to it

List of Most Expensive Birds in the World

  • #10 Black Palm Cockatoo
  • #9 Ayam Cemani Chicken
  • #8 Northern Cardinal
  • #7. Mountain Bluebird
  • #6.Flame-faced Tanager
  • #5. Flamingo
  • #4. Toucan
  • #3 Hyacinth Macaw
  • #2 American Goldfinch
  • #1 Racing Pigeon

#10 Black Palm Cockatoo

The black palm cockatoo is believed to be the most beautiful cockatoo and one of the most expensive birds in the entire world. It’s also an endangered animal in the wild native to New Guinea uru islands and a very small part of Australia. It’s been considered a sacred animal and there are only about three thousand of them left. They don’t breed successfully very often only about one egg every one to two years and they need a big hollow hole in trees that take a very long time to form pretty much decades. They don’t ever build their nests so Ornithologists and the park services are working together to help them have their very specific habitat. These birds are famous for being hard to find in the wild you can hear them but not always see them. Researchers have observed a strange behaviour in the wild known as drumming. These birds will create tools for hours just to drum on trees. So far it seems like they just do it to make noise. They don’t use it for hunting or gathering and there is no observable reward so there is much more to learn about this bird, you can bet that purchasing one of these birds is going to set you back thousands of dollars.

They range between eight thousand and sixteen thousand dollars so you better have a whole lot of cash lying around if you’re thinking about getting one of these birds. But if you do get one the black palm cockatoo is known to be super affectionate and super needy. They are always wanting attention and in return, they will give their partner lots of love. What’s interesting about owning a black palm cockatoo is that it will probably outlive you at a minimum a properly cared for black palm cockatoo will live for 40 years. But they have been known to survive for almost 100 years. This means that even if you get one of these birds as a child it’s probably going to live longer than you will. It’s probably best to make sure your children or even future grandchildren are going to want to take care of this bird once you’re gone. They also require a ridiculous amount of attention you will need to spend time daily with your cockatoo and if you don’t they will get destructive and resentful like any other intelligent bird that needs Social interaction. it is one of the most expensive birds in the world

#9 Ayam Cemani chicken

You probably wouldn’t expect a chicken to be very expensive but Ayam Cemani Chicken is an exception. It’s the most expensive chicken and one of the most expensive birds in the entire world. While most popular in their country of origin Indonesia. This chicken has exploded all over the world as an ornamental pet. This means that owning this chicken is like owning a living decoration and it’s not hard to see why. If you are a lover of chickens you will immediately fall in love with this beautiful bird.

They are almost completely black even having black. Black plumage black meat black eyes black skin and black nails and yes even their internal organs and bones are black. What do you think would you spend a ridiculous amount of money just for a black chicken? They can go for between two thousand and three thousand dollars in the United States. But are much cheaper in their native home. Interestingly the only two parts of the chicken that aren’t black are its blood and its tongue. Oh and the chicken’s eggs it doesn’t lay black eggs it lays cream-coloured eggs the same as other chickens raising these chickens can be extremely lucrative what do you think about these chickens. it is one of the Most Expensive Birds in the World

#8 Northern Cardinal

A typical northern cardinal can go for around 800 dollars. That’s not nearly as much as some of the birds on this list. But it’s still pretty pricey for something that’s just going to squawk at you from its cage all day. Northern cardinals happen to be one of the most beloved birds in North America. It’s even the state bird of seven different states in the USA. The surprising part is that northern cardinals are illegal to keep us a pet in the United States of America. But that doesn’t stop the bird from being ultra-popular in Europe. They have excellent plumage a pleasing voice and can live for longer than 20 years. If you want to raise a northern cardinal

Sometimes known as a Virginian nightingale in the United States you are going to need to get a special license from the state as a wildlife rehabilitator. The bird originally lived all over North America and as far south as Belize. They prefer living in park-like habitats and don’t mind the presence of humans and while some birds are slowly going extinct the northern cardinal is increasing in population and spreading to many different areas. Except for California where the population is declining possibly due to out-of-control fires.. it is one of the Most Expensive Birds in the World

#7. Mountain Bluebird

Another super popular bird in North America is the mountain bluebird They typically live in prairies meadows sagebrush flats and pastures. In the wild, they typically nest at lower elevations in the winter and then head to higher ground in the summer but they hate the desert. They cost about the same as a northern cardinal.  But this is one bird you might not even need to pay for you can likely attract it directly into your yard if you have the proper purchase set up and enough beetle’s grasshopper’s fruits

Seeds and grapes hanging around for the birds to eat. They also love to eat spiders and so they could be a good way of keeping your yard clear of eight-legged freaks. A typical nesting box has a very good chance of attracting a mountain bluebird so you might be able to save yourself 800 dollars or more. These birds prefer dry cavities in an open field at least three feet off the ground. Try sticking a nest box in the middle of your yard and letting the birds come to you. According to all about birds, the mountain bluebird will even reuse old nest cavities so you might see new birds coming with each season. it is one of the Most Expensive Birds in the World

#6.Flame-faced Tanager

Flame-faced tanager another common yet expensive bird in the United States is the flame-faced tanager. Tanager birds come in a wide variety of species including blue and yellow blue and grey scarlet opal romped and green and gold there’s even a black-faced tanager and each type of tanager is a little more expensive than the last with the paradise tanager costing upwards of twelve hundred dollars thanks to its unique light green head and light blue underbelly. But the flame-faced tanager is my favourite it costs somewhere between nine hundred to one thousand dollars and has a unique face that’s been kissed by fire. They are found naturally in the eastern Andes of Colombia in Peru and Ecuador. They are small and have a bright reddish-orange face like the fire that fades to a calm yellow. They also have ruffles of blue and green throughout their bodies with spectacular black and blue wings. it is one of the Most Expensive Birds in the World

#5. Flamingo

Everyone wants to know how much a flamingo costs. Flamingos are arguably the most popular bird in the entire world. But how much does it cost to upgrade that fake flamingo decoration in your yard to the real deal?. The truth is not so easy to come by there isn’t exactly a market for selling flamingos. While a quick internet search will tell you a full-grown flamingo cost around one thousand dollars. I can’t help but feel that it isn’t right at all. Even if it is it’s not like you can just call someone up and order a flamingo these are considered wild birds and are not able to be kept as pets. There’s a reason flock of flamingos are only kept in zoos and the wild. Flamingos live between 25 and 30 years in the wild and up to 50 years in captivity. So unlike other birds, flamingos do much better when stuck in a zoo. But they need a big space to room. Flamingos need lots of room to run around and they need the proper food it would actually, be more expensive to have a proper flamingo habitat than to purchase the flamingo itself. They are complicated social animals that require large numbers to operate properly. This is why you always see them in massive groups. A single flamingo in your backyard would be a very miserable thing. it is one of the most expensive birds in the world

#4. Toucan

Flamingos might be the most popular birds but in terms of birds that you can own as a pet toucans are the coolest. There is a reason toucan Sam is the mascot for fruit loops. But there is a lot to know before even considering purchasing a toucan.  These are not like little cardinals that can be kept inside a cage in your living room. They are even more complicated than parrots and toucans are crazy expensive. We’re getting into the deep of it now to start you will need an initial investment of at least ten thousand dollars just to purchase the toucan and that’s only the beginning. They are expensive to feed they are expensive to the house because you need a massive enclosure that’s bigger than most people’s apartments and you need to care for them constantly which can be a very costly endeavour.

Some interesting facts about having a toucan as a pet. They are super social having a single toucan would be like having a baby. You need to pay attention to it all day and be a friend. A lot of people don’t quite understand how social and affectionate birds really can be don’t forget that birds are the closest relatives of dinosaurs. They are older than you after revolving for millions of years and some might say more intelligent. The best way to keep a toucan is to keep more than one that way they can hang out with each other. This leaves you with a massive hole in your wallet as it will take upwards of twenty thousand dollars just to buy a pair of toucans and probably another ten thousand dollars just to build the proper enclosure for them. it is one of the Most Expensive Birds in the World

#3 Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw is one of the most expensive macaws in the world. They are cobalt blue incredibly vocal super happy and extremely intelligent. Because of their huge size, they can be pretty intimidating for people who don’t have a lot of experience with birds. Because of the yellow colouring around their beaks and around their eyes they always appear to be smiling and you can’t help but love to look at them. The photos of this bird don’t quite do its justice it is enormous with heights of over 40 inches in length that’s almost four feet tall. Imagine a bird that stands up past your knee depending on how tall you are. Originally hailing from the countries of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay the hyacinth macaw is like the great dance of birds. They are super rare to see in someone’s collection you will probably only ever see one of these majestic bluebirds in a zoo. But if you wanted to purchase one it’s possible to do so for around the same price as a toucan they cost upwards of ten thousand dollars and they are also an enormous commitment that you will end up needing to support for upwards of thirty years. it is one of the Most Expensive Birds in the World

#2 American Goldfinch

Let’s tone it down for a second and talk about the American goldfinch. This is one of the most common birds and it is found easily all over North America. You can easily track these birds to come into your yard and don’t even need to buy one. Though they are widely available for sale at just a few hundred dollars. It’s a far cry from an expensive toucan but expensive nevertheless considering you can just put out a feeder and enjoy the golden birds fluttering through your yard every year for free. The American goldfinch is the state bird of New Jersey Washington and Iowa. it is one of the Most Expensive Birds in the World

#1 Racing Pigeon

Racing pigeon as always I have saved the best for last the most expensive bird in the entire world is a racing pigeon. That’s right those annoying birds that poop on your head as you walk out of the train station is more expensive than flamingos, macaws, parrots and toucans. According to a news report from the BBC, a Belgian racing pigeon was sold in 2013 to a Chinese businessman for a ridiculous price of four hundred thousand dollars. The pigeon’s name was bolt and it was reported that the new owner was going to use pulse to breed more racing pigeons. Even more interesting the buyers out of 9 out of the 10 most expensive pigeons sold at this auction were either from china or from Taiwan. Whatever they’re doing over there they love expensive pigeons. But why are racing pigeons so expensive well it’s just like another sport like Horse racing. It’s a rich man’s leisure activity with super-wealthy people selling and trading the world’s fastest pigeons. The same man who sold his pigeon to the Chinese businessman at the auction sold the rest of his bird collection which contained 530 birds for around 5 million dollars. the Racing pigeon is the most expensive pigeon in the world

What do you think about spending thousands of dollars on a bird? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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