Betta Fish Breeding

Betta Fish Breeding: Step By Step Guide

Today we are going to See how to breed betta fish from the start until they lay eggs and we will Discuss 6 Betta fish breeding tips also. Betta fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish in the world due to its beauty and sturdiness. Being able to breed this magnificent fish is very rewarding! Now let’s get started with our 6 Betta fish breeding tips list. 

Betta Fish Breeding Tips

Now let’s get started with our 6 Betta fish breeding tips list. 

  • Deep Betta fish breeding tank. 
  • Betta fish breeding water condition.
  • Kill Bad bacteria in Betta fish breeding water tank. 
  • Use of a plastic floater in Betta fish breeding tank. 
  • Feed with live foods in Betta fish breeding time.
  • Cover Betta fish breeding tank.

#1 Deep Betta fish breeding tank 

A deep breeding tank enables the male to get a firm grip on the female when they embrace during mating. 

Why? Because it’s deep enough, his fins have enough space to move around. If the Betta fish breeding tank is too small, I’m not saying that it won’t succeed but you are looking into a lower success rate. One of the most important things to consider in breeding bettas is water condition. And that brings us to our next tip.

#2 Betta fish breeding water condition 

Bettas are very sensitive to the water condition. They can die if you have poor water quality. And this is also the case in breeding, you must have superb water quality. 

How? Use aged water of 5 days old or longer. We are not just preparing for the breeding, but also preparing for the fries. That brings us to our next tip.

#3 Kill Bad bacteria in Betta fish breeding water tank 

Bad bacteria can kill the fries so we need clean and aged water without bacteria. This is where these Indian almond tree leaves come in. Known for its anti-fungal properties, it will secure the survival of the fries Time for the male to make a nest and we want it fast. Let’s help him build fast with our next tip. 

#4 Use of a plastic floater in Betta fish breeding tank 

This plastic floater can be any type of cellophane. It could be styrofoam or foam as long as it floats. The male betta will build the nest underneath the floater knowing that it’s the most secure place in the tank for his fries to come. 

#5 Feed with live foods in Betta fish breeding time.

During breeding, the male will not eat for 7 days attending to the fries. The female will release plenty of eggs. So we need to feed them nutritious Betta fish food before the actual breeding. In this case, we feed them mosquito larvae, one of their favourites. time to start the actual breeding and that brings us to our next list. 

#6 Cover Betta fish breeding tank

We need to cover the breeding tank. They will be very defensive during breeding. So covering the tank with a lid can help them feel at ease which will result in a higher success rate. 

Don’t go yet. Watch this actual breeding highlight. 

Betta Fish Breeding Steps

Step 1

First, we prepared water and waited 5 days before using it in our tank. 

Step 2

next, we need to add Indian almond tree leaves and left it for 24 hours 

Step 3

We introduce the male and female betta by placing their betta fish aquariums side by side, this part can take from a day up to a week. The introduction is very important since this is the part where the female will prepare her eggs for release and the male will start to build his nest. After the introduction,  

Step 4

we add the male first into the tank so he will own it. Leave him there for 30 minutes. And then we help him build his nest fast by adding some floaters. 

Step 5

Now, it’s time to add the female. The male will start to chase the female until she will agree to mate. And then they start the actual breeding, they entwined their bodies and eggs fall from the female. While the female is floating, the male will start to fetch the eggs and put them in the nest. 

Step 6

They will do this several times until the female no longer wants to entwine. This is our go signal to remove her from the breeding tank. The male will attend to the eggs until they hatch after 3 days. 

Which tip do you think is the most important? Please let us know in the comments below. That wraps it, guys! if you are an animal and nature lover you are in the right place join MY PET PLANT FAMILY

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